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Welcome to Sakura British!

After many years of raising and showing Bengal cats we decided to grow our feline family with something different and fell in love with British Longhairs!  We absolutely love everything about them including their sweet personalities, big round eyes, thick tails, and stunning fluffy coats.  British Longhairs come in a large variety of colors including solid, tabby, bicolor, and torties.  We hope to have very colorful litters, but will be mainly focusing on structure, personality, and health.


We are currently showing our first female "Tris" and have plans for her first litter to be born in mid 2024.  


If you're looking for a kitten and don't want to wait, contact our mentor at  


CH Dinkidi Enchantress of Sakura "Tris"


CH Dinkidi Enchantress of Sakura "Tris"

Photo courtesy of Missie Folks


CH Dinkidi Enchantress of Sakura "Tris"


RW SGC BeautifulB Baloo of Dinkidi

Photo courtesy of Missie Folks

About Us

Sakura British, owned by Travis and Lori Denley, is a family-run, home-based cattery currently breeding exquisite Bengal cats and soon to be breeding British cats in a variety of colors.  Our focus will be on British Longhairs, but we will have British Shorthairs as well, at least while we are building our program.  All of our breeding cats and kittens are very loved and are truly part of our family which also includes our two human kids and a dog (who thinks he's a cat!).  

Each of our queens only have 1-2 litters per year so they are able to recuperate between litters.  We only breed them for a few years, so they are able to be spoiled pets for the majority of their years.


Our kittens are born in either our bedroom or one of our specially designed nursery rooms where they live until they are fully litter box trained at around 6-8 weeks of age.  At that point they move into our house and take over!  They are well-accustomed to family life before they go to their new homes.  Our clients say their kittens adjust to new homes and pets lightning fast!  We provide all our cats and kittens with the best diet - RAW - and the highest standards of health care including genetic testing, yearly heart screening, and regular PCR fecal testing to ensure the best possible health of our kittens.  Our extensive health guarantee covers heart health for 5 years and congenital issues for 10 years.

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